According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the warehousing and storage industry will grow by over 195,000 jobs in the next ten years. What’s more, the interest among job seekers in getting jobs in this industry is also on the rise - jumping up more than 8% in the last two years according to Indeed. Searches for jobs like "full-time warehouse associates" and "material handlers" grew by 158% and 109% respectively in the past year. With stats like these, it’s imperative that warehousing companies always get the workers they need.   

What’s Driving the Demand for Workers?

As consumers continue to move away from traditional brick and mortar stores to online shopping, warehouse and distribution centers must keep pace with production demands. More workers are needed to do the shopping consumers once did traditionally. Add to that, a rise in new warehouse spaces and a nation at full-employment as a whole, the competition for workers is tight. As a matter of fact, the inability to find the hourly staff to meet these needs was a leading pain point among industry leaders in a recent survey 

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How to Hire the Right Warehouse Worker

So how can your warehousing business meet the tough demand for workers? By hiring (and retaining) the right people who can take your company forward instead of falling behind the competition. Here’s what to keep in mind when writing those job descriptions and interviewing candidates:

Be Realistic with the Job Demands

Picking and packing, loading and unloading trucks, tracking inventory – working in a warehouse can be a demanding job. Downplaying what it really takes to handle the pressures of the warehousing responsibilities can lead to unqualified hires and high turnover rates. The workers you hire need a realistic picture of how they’re workday will be so there aren’t any surprises (and they don’t leave prematurely).

Be Specific with the Job Requirements

No two warehouse jobs are alike; so it’s easy for the requirements of a job at one company to vary. That’s why it’s important to specifically list the requirements of the job, even if it sounds redundant. It ensures that you can weed out the candidates who don’t have everything you’re looking for in a worker.

Make Sure the Pay is Competitive

The hiring landscape continues to shift in favor of job seekers. Not only do employers have to market their companies to attract the attention of job seekers, employers also have to make sure that their pay stands out in the marketplace. Workers have options, so it's important to make your job openings are attractive. 

Don’t Neglect Soft Skills

No matter the positions you’re hiring for, don’t overlook softs kills during the hiring process. Being able to work with a team, follow instructions, communicate clearly with others and solve problems are just a few skills that make up valuable and hardworking warehouse workers. 

How Labor Finders Can Help You Find Warehouse Workers

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