One thing that many people don’t know about blue-collar work is how much opportunity there is to start your own business. Landscaping is no exception and if you’ve been working in the field long enough, you may have worked with self-made business owners like landscape suppliers.

What it Takes to Open a Landscaping Supply Business

Landscape supply businesses go beyond the standard offerings of big warehouse stores by catering to the specific needs of landscapers. These companies supply products and services like:

  • Irrigation parts and supplies such as: wires, pumps, sealants, sprayers, and controllers
  • Landscaping products like: synthetic turfs, weed control fabrics, sprayers, and wheel barrels
  • Outdoor lighting must-haves like: replacement bulbs, transformers, fixtures, and timers
  • Sod, plants, shrubs, trees, and seeds
  • Equipment, tools, and safety gear like: spreaders, shovels, and gloves.

If you’re looking to start a supply business of your own, it’s not enough to have products like these on deck to sell to local landscapers. First, you’ll need to register your business to protect your personal assets from possible lawsuits. To keep the finances in order, you’ll need to register your new company for taxes and open up a business bank account. Finally, you’ll need to get the state required permits and licenses as well as take out business insurance.

Other things to consider? What you’ll need to actually run the business. You’ll need a retail space big enough to hold all your inventory. You'll also need practical things like cash registers, display racks, delivery trucks, the internet, and even an irrigation system to keep all your plant products healthy.

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The Skills You Need to be a Landscaping Supply Business Owner

You can have the best-looking shop of the block, but if you don’t have these three skills, it can tank.

Customer Service

Word-of-mouth can make or break your business. You have to greet customers warmly, answer their questions, close on their purchases quickly, and take care of any problems they have. Otherwise, they may never come back (and tell others not to buy from you either.)


Just like your crew leader, you have to lead of team of employees no matter how small. You’ll be responsible for training them in both company policies and safety, supervise their work, and handle all day-to-day administrative HR paperwork. Your employees will also look to you to resolve problems that arise during a typical business day.

Money Management

Purchasing inventory, paying salaries, handling bills, calculating profits, sticking to budgets -- these are just a few of the money-related tasks that come with running a business. That’s why it’s important to be comfortable handling money and have a good grasp of accounting.

In-Depth Knowledge of Landscaping

This may go without saying but it’s worth mentioning here. Having years of landscaping work under your belt will prove invaluable from the planning stages to opening the doors of your business for the first time.


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