While many bars and entertainment centers have shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, landscaping companies are considered essential businesses in many states. If you’re a landscaping hiring manager and find yourself needing to hire extra help, make sure you look for these seven qualities in your future landscapers.

Can Work Independently

Because you pride yourself on completing landscaping projects on time, it’s important that your crew work as efficiently as possible. That requires all of your landscapers to be able to work independently. They should have a work history showing they can follow instructions and do their job without having a supervisor watching their every move.

Can Safely Handle Chemicals

When jobs call for using chemicals like pesticides and fertilizer, your potential hires should be able to work with them safely. From mixing pesticides outdoors or in well-ventilated areas to wearing the proper PPE when fertilizing, new landscapers need to know how to take the necessary safety precautions while on the job.

Comfortable Working All Day Outdoors

This may seem obvious given the nature of the job, but when vetting new hires it’s always good to be clear about everything the job entails - including spending the majority of the workday outdoors. If your landscapers often work in inclement weather, make sure to let your potential landscapers know that, too.

Customer Service Skills

Your landscaping crew are representatives of your company and the people who may interact with your customers the most. While they can’t make major business decisions on your behalf, your landscapers should be a friendly liaison between you and your clients. When hiring landscapers make sure they have great customer service skills.


Just as your clients depend on you to get their landscaping projects done, you need to be able to count on your landscaping crew to show up to the job site. The landscapers you hire should have a track record of being a reliable worker – from being on time to completing their work in a timely manner.

Can Do Physical Landscaping Tasks

Pushing lawn mowers, pruning trees, laying down sod, installing rock gardens – landscaping can be a physically demanding job. Making sure the landscapers you hire are up to these types of tasks every single day is crucial during the vetting process.

Is a Cultural Fit for Your Company

A potential hire may have all the experience in the world but if they aren’t a good fit for your company they may not last. What does a good cultural fit look like? During the vetting process you can find out if they share your company values, would work well with the rest of the crew, or has the work ethic you like to see in your workers.


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