From running your own business to dressing up offices with plants, the landscaping industry has plenty of cool jobs that go beyond pushing a lawnmower. Here are 7 of them you should know about.


These landscaping workers are the experts in selecting and planting the right trees. You’ll groom, prune, and fertilize these plants to keep them in optimal health. If an owner suspects their trees are diseased, you’ll be called out to evaluate and treat them. As an arborist, you’ll also make sure trees and similar shrubs don’t interfere with public spaces like power lines, walkways, and roadways. In this job you’ll spend most of your time outdoors and, just like the trees you work with, your job is seasonal.

How to become an arborist: While you may be able to become an arborist learning on the job, many workers earn an associates degree in arboriculture or get a certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Landscape Supplier

If you know your way around landscaping supplies like fertilizer, pesticides, or lawn mowers you can get into a career as a landscape supplier. These business people make sure landscapers and the companies they supply have everything they need. As a supplier, you bring your experience in the industry to create a profitable business – selling everything from grass to power tools. You’ll spend your workday in your store and/or warehouse interacting with vendors, customers, and your employees.

How to become a landscape supplier: To make sure you can accommodate your inventory, you’ll need enough land to house it all as well as the money to open up a store. Skills like bookkeeping, customer service, logistics, and even marketing will serve you well in this career.

Interior Landscaper

You get to take your landscaping skills indoors as an interior landscaper. From homes and offices spaces to restaurants and hotels, in this job, you’ll decide where different plants and trees should be placed in an interior space. The idea is to create a peaceful and pleasant environment. You can be hired to create a living wall of greenery or an intricate collection of flowers in a space. Interior Landscapers are also experts in making sure the plants grow and thrive indoors.

How to become an interior landscaper: It takes an extensive knowledge of plants and how they grow to be successful in this job. You can start with either a degree in horticulture or a job in a greenhouse.

 Landscape Architect

These landscape workers transform a piece of land into a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. In this job, you’ll design places like housing developments, parks, historical sites, and business properties according to your client’s design preferences. You’ll use computer programs to digitally create your design plan, present that plan to the client and, if they approve, make sure the project is carried out to the end. Unlike these other landscaping jobs, you’ll spend most of your workday inside an office working on plans and managing the design project. 

How to become a landscape architect: Because this is a highly specialized job, you’ll need to attend college to get a 4-year degree and be licensed to work in your state. As for soft skills, you need to be great at planning, have plenty of creativity, and know how to use computer programs like CAD.

Irrigation Specialist

If sprinklers are your thing then take your landscaping career up a notch and become an irrigation specialist. In this job, you’ll create the blueprints that lay out all the moving parts of the system, including valves, pipes, and digital controls. Once the design is good to go, you’ll be in charge of installing it, including prepping the ground with tools like shovels, drills, and cutters. You can usually find work with landscaping & irrigation companies, golf clubs, and hotels.

How to become an irrigation specialist: Get started with a high school diploma and on-the-job with an experienced worker in the field. Critical-thinking, leadership, and physical stamina are key skills to have in this field.

Nursery Worker

Love working in greenhouses? Nursery workers spend their days here tending to the flowers, trees, and shrubs growing in them. In this job, you’ll be doing tasks such as planting seeds, trimming leaves, pruning shrubs, dealing with weeds, and packing up plants. Maintaining a healthy growing environment inside the nursery, keeping pests out, and optimizing irrigation systems are also part of the job. Customers coming to the greenhouse will look to you to answer any and all questions they have about the flowers and plants you’re growing.

How to become a nursery worker: Like many blue collar jobs, you can get your start learning on-the-job with an experienced greenhouse worker. If you have your eyes on a manager spot or want to open your own greenhouse, getting a college degree will help get you there.

Landscape Estimator

Creating a beautiful outdoor space comes with a price tag, and the landscape estimator is the worker responsible for determining that. They work with landscape managers to determine how much every aspect of the project is going to cost – from the pots of soil to the tools needed for the job. As a landscape estimator, you’ll also be calculating the time it will take to get the project done.

How to become a landscape estimator: Extensive knowledge about landscaping, the work it entails, and the pricing of supplies are crucial to being successful in this career. While you can get this training on-the-job, many employers are looking for people with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.


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