The holiday season spells a lot more travel and hotels have to keep up with increased demand. That’s why they’re one of the top places to apply to for seasonal work. Here are five hotel jobs to consider (and apply to!)

Reservation Agent

When people need to a book a room for their holiday travel plans, they speak to the reservation agent of the hotel. These workers help guests find the best rates and accommodations based on their needs and preferences. Once they do, they take their credit card information and put into the hotel’s billing system. If a guest needs to make any changes, upgrades, cancels or has general questions about rates and room availability, reservation agents handle these requests as well.

Skills You Need: Reservation agents need to have amazing customer service skills, know how to problem-solve on the fly, and plenty of patience.


With so many more people traveling during the holidays, hotels need extra workers on deck to keep their establishments clean and pristine for guests. Housekeepers are the workers that make it happen, and their work doesn’t stop with cleaning rooms and changing linens. They’re also responsible for keeping public areas like lobbies, hallways, and elevators clean. They make sure each guest has all the supplies they need for a comfortable stay, as well making sure everything in their room works properly. Housekeepers also work behind the scenes restocking items, doing laundry, and even re-arranging furniture if needed.

Skills You Need: A keen attention to detail, an ability to work as a team, and the fitness to handle the physical demands of the job.

Catering Assistant

If you ever wanted to work in the culinary industry, working as a catering assistant is a great way to get started. In this hotel job, you’ll be a caterer’s right-hand person. Expect to do basic food prep like chopping, washing, and peeling food. Catering assistants help unload and unpack food and cooking supplies from delivery trucks as well as put them away in the hotel kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, these workers are also in charge of keeping it clean and up to safety code. During events, they may be called on to help serve food to guests.

Skills You Need: The skills you need for this job include great communication and problem-solving skills, knowing how to work in a team and keeping calm under pressure.


In this line of work, you will be the direct liaison between the hotel and the guests. Hotel patrons look to concierges as personal assistants who are there to handle their requests during their stay. That could mean doing things like arranging special activities, making dinner reservations, coordinating transportation, and giving out information about the area. They may even work with housekeeping if guests need things like extra towels or toiletries.

Skills You Need: Being a concierge calls for a love of working with people, a pleasurable demeanor, and a knack for multi-tasking.

Hotel Receptionist

The front desk is like the communications hub of a hotel. That’s why it’s crucial to have enough receptionists working behind them. When guests arrive, hotel receptionists welcome them and help get them checked in by looking up their reservation, verifying their information, and assigning room keys. Receptionists also man the phones, answering questions and handling complaints from guests. They’re also the go-to people for information about hotel amenities and points of interest around the hotel.

Skills You Need: Hotel receptionists need to have excellent communication skills, a great personality, the ability to problem solve on the fly and basic computer skills.


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