Assembly Line Worker Job

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 Assembly Line Job

If you like to put things together, work with your hands and are looking for a career you can get into rather quickly, then consider becoming an assembly line worker.


Assembly Line Workers In a Nutshell

Assembly line workers are integral parts of the manufacturing process. Charged with one specific task in the assembly of various goods, these workers are collectively responsible for the physical building of a company's specified product. Once one worker performs their specific task - from screwing in a bolt to performing quality control - the product is moved down the line to the next worker.

Why Assembly Line Workers Are Needed

From TVs to cars, assembly line workers are essential in the production of the goods we use on a daily basis. Because there are so many parts to putting these things together, these manufacturing workers are given very specific tasks so these goods are produced as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

How Assembly Line Workers Get the Job Done

While the specific tools an assembly worker may use will vary, they do need these three universal tools to get the job done:

Schematics:In order to understand how a product is put together, assembly workers need to see the schematics or blueprints of the product their working on so they can identify the parts and know where they go.

Machinery:Their part of the assembly may require the use of machinery or even robots to make sure the right parts are put into the right places.

Tools: An assembly worker's work task may involve the use of common tools like screw drivers to assemble the different parts of the product they're working on.Types of Assembly Line Workers:

Assemblers:These types of workers are tasked with physically putting products together.Quality Control:  These assembly line workers are charged with making sure the components or the finished product meets company standards before leaving the warehouse.

While on the Job

For the sake of efficiency, an assembly line worker is only responsible for a very specific task they are hired for. Standing at their workstation at all times, they perform that single task during their shift. That can include lifting and handling products, testing product components and preparing products for shipping. Whatever the job is, an assembly line worker has to stick to that in order to keep the chain of production going smoothly. They must be able to follow directions, have the dexterity to perform repetitive movements and be very detail oriented.

What it Takes

There are no specific education required in order to be an assembly worker, however they are extensively trained on the job. General skills that are good to have in order to be successful in this field is the ability to work long hours and be physically fit. Prior manufacturing experience isn't a requirement but definitely a plus.

Assembly Line Toolbox

Required Education

High school level education

Preferred Skills / Experience

Physically Fit, Patience

Tools on the Job

Blueprints, tools, machinery

Career Outlook

Jobs are expected to grow by 4% by 2022



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