“The workers who were sent were on time, ready and willing to work with no complaints. The job was a rough job and they just got in there and did it without a peep. I wish some of our full time employees were that glad to get to work. I was very impressed. Thank You.”

- Geoff R, Decatur, GA

Hi Stacey, I was hoping you could get a message to the Labor Finders corporate suits for me. I want to let them know that several Labor Finders offices that have been helping my company with its labor, and each office, the staff needs’ some good recognition. In the Santa Ana office: Jayde and Maricela and in the Riverside office: Estela and Jackie. These four Labor Finders representatives are absolutely wonderful to work with on a weekly basis. My trucking and installation schedule is dictated by my design clients and is usually very hard to pin down to the exact detail which puts me in a position to always be last minute or an “urgent needs” client. These four ladies, work with me, call me and follow up with me. I have been in this industry and have been using labor for nearly 27 years. I know that it is challenging for labor agencies to get labor sometimes because, “let’s face it” many people out there are lazy. But I appreciate the length in which these ladies go through for my company and why we only have Labor Finders as our temporary labor supplier. Regards, Robert G.

- RobertG, Southern CA