"I show up at 5:30 am in proper work attire and they provide work for me, and for that I am extremely grateful!"

- John D, Orlando, FL

"Labor Finders is a productive and fun workplace. I was recently hired on as a housekeeper for a resort. I have been working steady there. I learned a lot about golfing and my co-workers are fun to be around."

- Alice K, Stillwater, OK

"Good people to work for but it’s only a temp job. This is a good place to work for when work is down and you need something to get by on. While employed for this place there are jobs that offer permanent job opportunities as well as you can learn new trade skills. They are also flexible with their hours and Labor Finders office staff work hard to make sure that you are working."

- Brad S, Huntsville, AL

"We are given good instructions about our work assignments. (sic) Everyone was friendly."

- Henry T, Athens, GA

"Daily work changes with each job assignment. Assignments were interesting and coworkers are friends for life. The most enjoyable part of my job was assisting customers in their payment needs."

- Jessica C, Austell, GA

"Labor Finders is a great company to work for!!! Application process was simple. Received job assignments quickly."

- Emily S, Fresno, CA

"Labor Finders is a good company that helped me learn new skills. They treated me like I was part of their family. They always keep me busy."

- Mike C, Corona, CA

"I started with Labor Finders when I first came to America and was given a start which has led to so many wonderful things. For that I am truly grateful."

- Shaun S , Arnold, MO